Running Out of Product—The Good Complaint

Oftentimes vending operators find that in establishing a feel for a new location they should experiment with different products insuring that their machines are both maximizing profit and customer satisfaction. However, how should you counter complaints for this scenario? An uneducated location owner might feel that your service is lacking, as opposed to understanding that you are fine-tuning to find the best possible product array for a long-term successful business relationship.

One very effective counter, depending on if the location is commissioned or charity, is to mention how better understanding which products sell best will increase the owner’s commission. This will probably end most of the complaints if the real issue at hand is running out of product. If they still have an issue then you know that the true complaint was not the one they brought to you.

For charity locations the answer becomes invariably more difficult. If the location did not care enough to ask for commission, most of the time they will not bother you for a product shortage. If they do, responding that providing the best service is high on your priorities and you are tweaking your product array is a good way to go. Otherwise this will also enable you to discern if it is truly the problem again, as perhaps they are now not into the charity idea and want their cut, or perhaps another operator is attempting to steal the location and offered them commission.

A more proactive solution may be that you bundle the last item in a row with your contact information, whether it be via phone or email, and offer a brief explaination as to how their contacting you to let you know that a given product is sold out increases the value they get from the convience of a vending machine. This would be especially useful in an office building or at a university where people have easy access to contact you via email, or if you have a business telephone line anyone can reach you with a simple cell phone call.

In either case, insuring the owner that you are there to provide the best possible service, and offering the reasoning for your product will satisfy their needs, especially if they understand how it benefits their bottom-line as well as yours, and the satisfaction of the customer.

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