Dynamic Duos, A Vending Manufacturer’s Query!

Throughout time mightily matched mates have left legacies, such as: bread and butter, Abbott and Costello, Barney and Thelma, and Mario and Luigi! What do you think are the best? Vending duos are no different from drink and beverage machines to changers and mechanical machines. What other great duos can you think of? Feel free to let us know what you think is at the top of the list, and why… Simply comment below, tweet us, or if you already see it in the poll help it beat the others out! We’ll let you know who we think is the best at The One Show at McCormick Place this next weekend, be sure to stop by Seaga’s booth (number 842) to find out!

About SeagaMFG

We are the premier provider of top-quality vending machines, bulk vending machines, frozen and cold vending machines, change machines and cold merchandisers.
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