NAMA – A Real Boon to the Up and Coming Vendor

Have you joined? National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) that is – Oftentimes the extraordinary benefits of NAMA are overlooked by the newbies of vending. At a few hundred dollars per year for membership, many suffer from immediate sticker-shock. However, the rewards can pay for themselves in months.

NAMA membership offers savings on a plethora of things that are the lifeblood to a fledgling business such as shipping discounts(FedEx) , maintenance (Meineke), insurance(Allstate), and fuel ( Exxon Mobil and Shell). They also offer tools for long-term growth, as you can save a few thousand on education and training, surveys and reports, marketing, and legal advice.

Most importantly, you would be supporting your industry. The vending industry tends to be heavily regulated, and dominated by small businesses. NAMA offers us a single banner to rally under, especially as many of us small business owners do not have time to lobby our government leaders on behalf of our businesses! We are too busy waking up well before the rest of the world rises, to insure a humming vending machine is there to greet any who may need our oases.
NAMA does fight for us– they are your industry advocate. Your support means everything and everything they do in return supports our industry. Will we see you in Chicago atThe OneShow April 27-29?

What are your thoughts on NAMA and if you are not a member, why not?

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