Implementing Customer Loyalty In The Impulsive Vending Market

Fostering customer loyalty within the vending industry is no small task, but with the growth of present day innovations it is no longer a whimsical fancy either.  Many programmable vending machines offer product packages such as meal deals, or giveaway vends.  As cashless vending becomes more accessible so too will advancements in customer loyalty programs within vending as customers are more readily identifiable.  When asking yourself if you can benefit from implementing a loyalty program there are several facets that must be weighed into the situation.

Who are your prime market in the location you are considering?

If that location is at an office, you are more than likely the only option at that particular site, and therefore the costs and time to implement customer loyalty, when your customers are already loyal by necessity makes it a rather inefficient endeavor.  Another location might have a high foot-traffic rate, such as a rest stop on a freeway, but how realistic is it that any given customer would return to that location?  Unless you are willing to invest in a large, expensive infrastructure to keep a database of customers across all locations, that all of your machines can access this is also rather inefficient, except for one scenario.  If you can build the buzz that any of your particular machines may reward a customer, then that might serve to build some customer loyalty, but convenience will still be king.

The perfect place for customer loyalty:

The location that is prime for the use of customer loyalty has a relatively recurring market, and you are not the only vendor at that location.  For example, a college campus where the student body is generally always returning, depends on vending machines at odd times, and there are likely to be several competitors across your locations.  Here offering meal deals or vending lotteries can give you a competitive advantage over your customers, have relatively small upkeep costs, and require little upkeep (merely changing it so that the system is not figured out).

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