Negotiating Vending Locations

The ability to negotiate for a vending location is perhaps one of the most valuable skills a small operator can have. Identifying and securing new locations is how you start and expand your business and maintain success.
Step One – Identifying Target Locations

The keys to spotting locations that are vulnerable are simple. First, look for locations that have machines that appear in need of service. These neglected locations would possibly benefit and thrive from an attentive operating company taking over the service. Another location that can be capitalized on is the one that is underserviced by either the machine type or selection offering. While this scenario is rarer, occasionally they will pop up due to a change in foot-traffic or in the climate of the locale itself. Business locations usually contract their location out, but observing how these locations are serviced can give you insight on if it is worth it to attempt to snatch these up.
Step Two – Speaking With the Location Owner
When negotiating to gain a new location it is always very important to have a well-laid out plan of how you can better serve the needs of that site. Having done your homework during the identifying stage, you can address personalized issues that will establish your credibility and professionalism. Offering a trial period to test your ability to service their location is a great way to show them that you are in it for the long haul, and showcase reasons your service is the better fit for their location.

Step Three – Follow Through

Once a location has been established, remember to continue to foster the relationship that you have with your location-holder. Oftentimes when using a locator service vending operators forget how important it is to maintain that business relationship. Many operators also undervalue the continuing need to understand the dynamics of a location. Doing this can serve to establish yourself in at that site, bring better services to your customers, and as a result cause them to purchase your products more often. Remember that different seasons and times of the year may bring in a wildly different demographic depending upon the location.

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